Accessories to Make Producing Your Own Videos Easier

Artist Tape
This special type of tape does not leave a reside.  Use it on memory cards to denote which camera or audio recorder footage is on each card and on batteries so you know what’s empty and what’s full.  It’s also acid free so you can use it on art mats and walls to avoid damaging them.



Tough, versatile memory card cases
My favorite memory card case can hold four of any type of popular memory card (CompactFlash, SD, MicroSD, memory stick), is shock resistant, securely closes with a firm latch, and the moulded card slots keep cards in place.  Gepe makes the CardSafe Extreme in several different colors for $20-25.  Pro Tip:  Keep your full and empty memory cards in separate cases. I keep my full cards in a red case and empty cards in a blue case.

Male to Male 1/8 inch audio cable (Aux Cable)
This is a versatile cable that can help you pre-sync your audio when you combine it with a portable recorder like the Zoom H4n or later.

Gaffer Tape
The souped-up version of artist tape, Gaffer tape is a must for any larger filming jobs.  It’s like duct tape, but does not leave a nasty residue.  There are a multitude of uses, but here are just a few for your video shoots:
* floor markings
* rig audio gear in place
* hold down power cables and video cables (so passersby and you do not trip on them)


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